Go paperless in your nutrition business with the paperwork diet

(This is an excerpt of a guest post I wrote for Healthpreneur Online – An excellent small business consultancy specialising in wellness. You can read the full original story by clicking here).

I work with nutritionists and have the chance to speak to them about their businesses on a regular basis. In my experience, one of the most recurring themes is paperwork. Nobody likes paperwork particularly, and there is no way to get rid of it… or is it?

Many of the nutritional therapists I have interviewed are solo-entrepreneurs. This means they are in charge of the entirety of their business: accounting, marketing, admin tasks… an of course advising individuals on nutrition matters. The latter should take the majority of their time, but often doesn’t. Why?

Everyone I have interviewed agrees they went into business mainly for the nutrition component. Nobody signed up to do countless hours of reporting, scheduling meetings, and organising files. Yet, most people spend more time with paperwork than with actual clients. Can the situation be reversed? The answer is yes. I would like to introduce you to the paperwork diet.

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Diego Oliveira Sanchez

Diego Oliveira Sanchez

Diego is the cofounder of NutriAdmin, a specialised software solution for nutritionists. Diego holds an Mphil in Scientific Computing from Cambridge University & has a background in finance in London.

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Go paperless in your nutrition business with the paperwork diet
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